March 18, 2011

Eco Fashion

With Junky Styling as Sophie and my inspiration we came up with this dress, scarf and beanie combo :). We used the waistband of a skirt as the band which attaches the knit skirt (which used to be a sweater) and camo t-shirt together. The dress also has a knit turtle neck which is from the same sweater as the skirt. Our awesome scarf is work t-shirt sleeves and sleeves off a different top. And the beanie is the green shirt and knit sweater.

Our mood board doesn't actually suit our outfit as much as i would have hoped but i still think its adorable.

March 7, 2011

Your Just a Fad

So a fad is pretty much a phenomenon that becomes popular for a very short time. Unlike a trend which is a general direction fashion moves towards or a classic like the little black dress, which is something that's always in fashion.

So the Fad i thought was most popular at the moment are jeggings. Jeggings are leggings which are styled to look like tight denim jeans, just in case you didn't know :).

It's kinda like jeggings appeared out of nowhere, but i definitely think it would have started with designers not from the street since its a pretty out there idea.

I think jeggings are absolutely adorable when worn right, I think they look best when worn with boyfriend blaizers, boyfriend tees, oversized cardigans, tunics and dresses.

March 2, 2011

Junky Style

I found these awsesome self taught designers Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager, they use the highest quality second hand garments which they deconstruct, re-cut and completely transform. 

Annika and Kerry believe in individuality and never make two garments the same. They also do this thing called 'Wardrobe Surgery' service, it's where customers bring their own clothes in for transformation. I think that is one of the best things EVER, please Junky Styling come to Australia!!

Some of the techniques they use are..cropping, attach two garments to make one, change button stands and openings, turninng shirts sideways to make a wrap, add shirring, elastication, rouching to fit things, turn pants into skirts, they make dresses which can be worn as both skirts and dresses, making large mans blazers into dresses, they also use different sleeves to different tops.

Vogue described Junky Styling as 'high fashion street couture'.
Check them out  

My love is finally coming..

AUTUMN & WINTERRR :) Finally this horrible weather will stop. Australian summers are the worst!

Uwe Hermann.
Have a look at the website, the photo's are amazing.