February 23, 2011

Harpers what?

In class we were learning about the origin of magazines and when they first started. I personally thought they started in the 60’s to 70’s but I was so very very wrong, there like hundreds of years old. They kinda started off as these things called fashion plates, and they were beautiful illustrations of woman in the latest fashions. And the first proper magazine was published in 1770 called The Lady’s Magazine.

Boring? Maybe a bit but I did find out one really interesting fact, you may not know or even care but the longest running magazine in England was this magazine called The Queen magazine and it began in 1861. Anyway in 1968 nearly 100 years later Harpers Bazaar bought the magazine so then from that point it was called Harpers and Queen. But then in 2006 the company decided to drop the Queen out and name it Harpers Bazaar and that’s the name we all recognise.

The awesome bit was the way they promoted the new name. They promoted it by studding each copy with 200 Swarovski crystals. I’m pretty sure they were very low on budget after that.

So.. whats a zine again?

Pretty much zines are very small magazine, and there contents is depending on what that persons interests are, for example is could be about crafts, music, sewing, entertainment etc etc you get the point. Before I started tafe this year I had never even heard of them. But they must be coming back into fashion since I see them EVERYWHERE! Like on different blogs and even in my dearest magazine Frankie.
It’s pretty cool how people make these cute little magazines to get their views and interests across to people whom have the same interests and there so personal and individual. You can even read zines on the internet, there called E-Zine, if you’re interested have a look, there pretty cool.
And did you know people in the 1930’s even wrote zines, well ‘perzines’ (means a personal zine) during and after the great depression, I recon they would be pretty interesting to read J
Anyway for class we have to make one. I still have no idea how I’m going to put it together and look as cool as these ones….

February 18, 2011

In and Out

Fashion changes faster than the seasons change, so keeping up with the ‘in’ and ‘outs’ of fashion can be hard. So I decided for my first post I’d show you my opinion on what I think is ‘in’ and ‘out’ of fashion.


Ankle Skirt


Heels and Socks

Lace and Leather



Nudes and Dark Tones

Peep Toe Shoes

Knitwear and Cinched Waist

I think everything here is a must have in everyone’s wardrobe. I’m absolutely loving the nude and darker tones together, especially when its lace and leather in those tones. Culottes are something I’m personally dying to have; they’re flattering for everyone’s figure and just absolutely adorable.

The 'Emo' Trend

Baggy Pants

Distressed Denim

Mini Skirts

Over-sized Bows

Pointy Toe Shoes


Checks and Tartan
Choche Hat
I found it hard to put some of these things in my ‘out’ list because I still love them. Distressed denim, choche hats, baggy pants, sequins and over sized bows I believe are still ‘in’ fashion but I think they’re slowly making their way out.  But I’m actually glad that miniskirts, fluoro and pointy shoes are out of fashion and I hope they never come back.

I'm fully supportive of individuality and absolutely love seeing people with individual styles, hopefully soon I'll be posting pictures of these types of people soon :)