February 23, 2011

So.. whats a zine again?

Pretty much zines are very small magazine, and there contents is depending on what that persons interests are, for example is could be about crafts, music, sewing, entertainment etc etc you get the point. Before I started tafe this year I had never even heard of them. But they must be coming back into fashion since I see them EVERYWHERE! Like on different blogs and even in my dearest magazine Frankie.
It’s pretty cool how people make these cute little magazines to get their views and interests across to people whom have the same interests and there so personal and individual. You can even read zines on the internet, there called E-Zine, if you’re interested have a look, there pretty cool.
And did you know people in the 1930’s even wrote zines, well ‘perzines’ (means a personal zine) during and after the great depression, I recon they would be pretty interesting to read J
Anyway for class we have to make one. I still have no idea how I’m going to put it together and look as cool as these ones….

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