April 6, 2011

Is That a Cultural Signpost?

Historical reference has a huge impact in todays and also the 20th century’s fashion. I was thinking what type of media would people get inspiration from and it clicked….. MOVIESSSS. People saw their favourite stars wearing the costumes in the movies so this inspired them to wear similar clothing and accessories to the characters outfits. Sometimes movies would also influence the change of make-up styles and hair styles. Like in the 60’s the movies Cleopatra and El Cid’s Sophia Loren influences darker eye make-up which became very popular.
Magazines also have a major influence to adding historical flare to your wardrobe as they publish era-styled editorials, for example how to add the 70’s flare to your wardrobe (without over doing it). But of course the early 20th century didn’t have editorials we have today, but they did have costume plates (you can read about costume plates in my previous blog post ‘Harpers What?’). The costume plates showed styles from the past eras which would have influenced designers and readers how to add retro flare to their wardrobe and designs.
Costume plate by Rudolph Ackerman
Twiggy with the latest Dark Eye Make-up Trend

Some other examples of movies influencing fashion aree
Robin hood- Influenced the long flowing dresses and beading in the 1920s
Mark of Zorro- Embellishments on the shoulders, lacey frilly things and embroidered fabrics. Flowers and other headpieces on the side of the hair.

The Scarlet Empress- Influenced the big fur coats and stoles and extravagant, beaded clothing.
Becky Sharp- Lacey, feminine, extravagant styles. I think it influenced a lot of the ruffled layered styles.

Mark of Zorro- Linda Darnells clothing shapes and the way her dresses sat influenced some 40s styles.
Three Musketeers 1844- (Same as above) Had a lot of little shaped collars and bodices fitted to the waist.  

Samson and Delilah- high waists. Cropped bodices.
The Egyptian- fitted, feminine styles (cropped tops, high waists)

Cleopatra- The Egyptian themes influenced the dark, made up eyes of the 60s
The Lion in Winter- Headscarves and boxy fashions
El Cid’s Sophia Loren- influenced dark made up eyes and headscarves

The Godfather- Influenced the big hats and collars of the seventies.

Victor Victoria (about a 1930s women dressing up as a man)- Influenced the tailored styles and big shoulders of the 80s.

Forest Gump- Showed the style of the 60s and 70s. Influenced the use of florals, big collars, lace, halter necks, cropped tops, big hats.

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