April 10, 2011

Oh Please Wont You Come To The Theatre De La Mode With Me?

Theatre de la Mode takes you to Paris, in the 1940s where you feel the emotions and realities of World War II.  The couturiers of Paris came together to create a group of beautifully hand crafted dolls, wearing the latest fashions. It’s amazing how they were made, with paper patterns and any scraps of fabric they could find, the amazing garments are definitely not lacking a single exquisite detail. There was also beautifully realistic sets for the dolls to be placed on.
Dolls like Barbies and Bratz are still used as fashion references these days, children then find inspiration from these dolls to how they would like to dress.

In class we were asked to create our own doll (well the outfit anyway), it had to be in relation to our cultural signpost, Sophie my partner in crime and i had Historical references so i mixed the 1920's and 1930's and came up with this.

I made a low v-neck bodice, with a sleek silky skirt and added a fur shawl which is the 1930's, then added a floral head piece which is the 1920's.

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